Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why a Snake Cake?

For months, Yael has been asking for a "snake cake" for her birthday.

Why did she want a snake? No clue. Did she have an answer for me? Nope. But she was adamant. I tried really hard to convince her to let me make something else, but I couldn't actually think of another I figured, why not?

So Yael got a snake cake.

Two bundt cakes, chocolate of course....cut in half and arranged like a snake.
 Frosted in greenish....

 (Marshmallow and chocolate chips for the eyes. A little writing icing for the decoration and a fruit roll-up for the tongue.)
 And Yael wanted to eat the snake's here's her piece of birthday cake:
Almost as cool as this cake and much simpler to make....why did Yael want a snake cake? To make life easy for her mama!


Robin said...

Utterly adorable. Love the fruit rollup tongue.

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Morah said...

Adorable and amazing. I am lucky to make a cake in a 9X12 pan! I would have had to eat the head too!!