Friday, April 8, 2011

Missing, Part 2

Remember how I said that I have my own little magpie?

So...I dropped off some library books and then was informed by the library that those same books were overdue.


I searched Yael's bed, where she likes to squirrel away all the interesting things she finds around the house.
I searched under the dresser, where we have found library books before.
I looked on the bookshelves upstairs and downstairs.

No books.

I was SURE I had returned them.

So I went back to the library, armed with the barcode numbers of the missing books.

And there they were, on the shelf.

What a nice feeling to know that, for today at least, I'm not crazy.

Regular blogging to recommence shortly, I sincerely hope. I'll bet you've missed me!

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Batya said...

Did they apologize?