Saturday, May 12, 2012

Whose Project?

Just a day ago, Mara posted about a deal on Amazon.

She does that a lot and I try really hard to say, "I don't need that."

But this was a good deal!!!

And I thought that these would make some good birthday presents as well as rainy day activities for my little artists. So I bought them. And, amazingly, they arrived this morning! When they arrived, I quickly swept the box out of sight and said, "it's for a rainy day..." Sam was very helpful to point out that it was sprinkling outside, and therefore it WAS a rainy day.

So we opened them....and had a great time all day with these crazy things.

And of course, this is what I made today...
Whose project was it, anyway?

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TheAngelForever said...

Phyllis, looking to get these for the summer. We love Wikki Stix, but this is a great deal for what looks like something similar. Reviews on Amazon are not kind. Nobody had issues bending and using them to create things right? I may be ordering them later today and wanted your input. Thanks :)