Monday, February 25, 2013

I Love Mondays {Review}

Remember, I'm a working mama.
Many days, I get up and leave the house in the morning and don't return til the night.
Some days, I'm home for part of the day and some days I go into work in the evening.

When I walk into the house around dinner time, I will usually hear this question: "Are you home for the night?" and they don't really believe me until I put on my pajamas.

Lately, I've started to get little notes like this:

Aside from the obvious spelling error...yeah. You get the idea.

Recently, I received I Love Mondays and Other Confessions From Devoted Working Moms by Michelle Cove. It was just the book I needed after that little note made its way into my pocket this week.

It was funny and well-written, and it wasn't preachy. It didn't say that it's easy to be a working mom, or that it should be easy to be a working mom. What it did was remind me that there are a ton of parents (both male and female) out there who are experiencing the same push and pull that I experience. A desire to be with my family and a knowledge that my work is valuable and wonderful and beloved.

I liked the strategies in the book - real words about how to deal with real situations like the wails...."don't go, Mommmmmmmmmeeeeeee"....I liked the personal stories and the anecdotes.

I must admit that I read most of the book while sitting outside Solly's room while he tried to convince me that bedtime was optional. Those moments when I'm not sure that he's ever going to go to sleep...when I wonder what kind of mother I am that my child just isn't interested in going to bed and will he ever go to sleep and can I please go and sit downstairs and watch tv or have, shockingly, an adult conversation with my husband?

So maybe that's why this book struck such a chord with me.

But still, I think that all working mamas can benefit from this book. And even those mamas who work at home, I think you will like it too. Because parenting is hard. And whatever book can help us through it in a supportive way, bringing us together instead of tearing us down...well, I'm good with that.

So when you start to get little notes that tell you not to go to "wrck"...know that you are not alone.
I'm getting them too.

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Rabbi Sharff said...

It kills me knowing there are many days when I drop my kids off at school, and I won't see them again until the following day. Mondays are especially like that.