Thursday, March 30, 2017

#blogExodus 3: Cleanse

We go through a lot of different kinds of cleaning for Passover.

Of course, there's the pre-holiday cleaning. Some of us take it verrrry seriously. Some of us less so. Some people go all out.

I recently read a suggestion for a personal, physical cleanse, like a cleansing diet, that one would go through before the Passover holiday. To be honest, I usually want one afterwards, when it feels like I've only eaten sugar and junk food for the whole week.

But there's something that feels incredibly holy about this period of cleansing. Much like the month preceding the High Holy Days, these days of preparation and cleaning, of cleansing both physically and spiritually, help to get us in the spirit of celebration, remind us what we're doing, and encourage us along the path toward freedom.

How are you getting ready for the holiday of Passover?

Want to join in? We're sharing #BlogExodus for the 2 weeks leading up to Passover. All you have to do is use the hashtag and there are suggested prompts on the graphic above (feel free to grab it). Maybe you just want to post on your Facebook or Twitter about these topics...or maybe you want to try #Exodusgram, posting photos related to these themes? I'll be posting my #blogExodus posts here, at this blog, my #Exodusgram pictures on my Instagram and also my tumblr site,, and who knows what else!? It's going to be a busy fortnight!

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