Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Making Matzah

So yesterday, David came home from school (preschool) with a "matzah maker" hat and a piece of wheat (!?) that he informed me we were going to use to make the matzah for Passover. I told him that I had bought all the matzah (making matzah? that seems like a lot of extra work for a mom of a 6-week-old, what do you think!?) just that day, and we might make lots of matzah-related things like pancakes and pizza, but we wouldn't really make matzah. I thought that was the end, but this morning...

"Mom, so today are we going to make the matzah?"

Seriously, I think he thought I just meant that we weren't going to make matzah right then, but if he asked again later, it would happen.

No thanks!

But just in case you want to -- here's how to make matzah.

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