Friday, March 30, 2007

They tried to kill us. We won. Let's eat!

We were happily listening to Rabbi Joe Black in the car (more on our favorite music in another post another day), beginning with Dayenu and then the CD moved onto some other holiday songs. David pointed out to me that we were no longer listening to Passover songs, but instead a song about Chanukah, because this was a holiday songs CD. But then...

D: You know, Chanukah is just like Passover.

Me: Why? (expecting: both long)

D: Someone saves us in both holidays.

Me (impressed and amazed, but wanting to know more): You're right! Who does the saving in Chanukah?

D: Judah Maccabee

Me: And on Passover?

D: Moses

Me: And can you think of another holiday where we get saved?

D: Purim!

And you see where this went...isn't that amazing? Who knew the connections could be made by my 5-year-old.

Me: And who helped Judah, Moses and Queen Esther?

D: God.

Now it's really good, eh?

Who knew that these would be the things that would bring tears to my eyes.

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