Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Tears from more than just the Maror

It was more than just the strength of the maror at the Seder table that brought tears to my eyes this year. For two nights, I watched my 5-year-old stand up and, quite gleefully, sing the Four Questions. He was remarkably "on" both nights, sharing other Passover songs and answering questions like a pro. More than once, I had to wipe away the tears of joy.

What an incredible feeling when you know that you are "doing something right." My husband uses the term "gets it" to refer to kids when they act like David did last night. He "gets it." He gets what we're trying to teach him, he understands, at least on some level, that this is important to us. And I really don't think he was just parroting what we've said, because he was asked questions that I don't remember ever talking about, such as the meaning of freedom (hello, he's 5!!?)...and he hit them all out of the park.

Hope your seders were as memorable as mine.

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