Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Who comes up with this stuff?

Someday I will figure out what starts a "meme" - like, do people sit around and think up this stuff!?

Reiza tagged me for this photo meme, and so here goes...

The rules are:

1. Open the 4th file where you store your photos
2. Pick the 4th picture
3. Explain the photo
4. Pass the challenge on to 4 other bloggers

(Leora did this too, by the way)

Anyway, this was a little complicated. I have a lot of folders. So I started by looking in my Pictures folder, and the fourth folder down actually happened to be "Family Pics" which is where I store almost all of my pictures. Score! Then I went down four, and it was 2007...and the fourth folder in there was Yael at 6 days old...and the fourth picture was a little naked tushy...which was not appropriate for this very family-friendly blog, not to mention that I have to draw a line somewhere! So I went back up a few levels and decided that I would go with the fourth folder in the current year's pictures (yes, I'm ridiculously organized about my photos), which happened to be from the end of January, a sunny day in the snow:

Pretty self-explanatory, isn't it...?

Also funny, because just last week I finally finished putting a Shutterfly album together that I began last Fall...Sukkot through Lag B'Omer...so I just recently looked at these pictures!

Okay, I know I'm supposed to tag 4 people but I'm so bad at that...so if you're reading, consider yourself tagged!

Oh my goodness, I just figured out who comes up with these memes - people who are trying to procrastinate on their holiday preparations!!! I knew it!!!

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Jew Wishes said...

Aww...such a cutie! :)

I had been tagged, too. Yes, who thinks of these things...lol!

Yes, let me know how Hunting Eichmann is. I almost bought it, myself.

Leora said...

Wild, the way this thing traveled around the blogosphere.

I woke up one day, read a post of 4th of 4th by a favorite photo blogger in PA and decided to do it. I sent it around...and it looks like it when far around!

You got a real cutie for your 4th of 4th.

I need to put together some albums - photos from at least the past two years.