Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Believe #blogExodus

Feel free to grab this graphic
I believe that when friends share your pain, it really and truly is lessened, maybe only for a moment.
I believe that when you cry with others, the tears flow together to soothe the hurt.
I believe that I can't stand alone.
I believe that a hand held tightly can be a lifeline.
I believe that I will always find others to stand with me, even in the depths of my aloneness and pain.
I believe that the sun will rise and set, that time will move forward, that love will sustain us.

I believe that the only way the Exodus could ever have happened at all was because no one crawled into the hole of their pain and grief and despair at their life of slavery....but instead they held hands, they prayed, they sang and they lifted each other up out of the depths of that gaping hole....and they did something. Together.

Want to join in? We're sharing #BlogExodus for the next 2 weeks. All you have to do is use the hashtag and there are suggested prompts on the graphic above (feel free to grab it). Maybe you just want to post on your Facebook or Twitter about these topics...or maybe you want to try #Exodusgram, posting photos related to these themes? I'll be posting my #blogExodus posts here, at this blog, my #Exodusgram pictures on my tumblr site, imabima.tumblr.com, and who knows what else!? It's going to be a busy fortnight!

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rbarenblat said...

I am so glad to see that #blogExodus is happening again this year. Blessings to you.