Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Low Key Halloween Wrap-up (TT13)

Thirteen things we did for Halloween this year...

1. We went to the pumpkin farm.

2. We picked out pumpkins at the pumpkin farm.

3. We met a pig at the pumpkin farm.

4. We carved the pumpkins.

5. We roasted pumpkin seeds.

6. We wore costumes. Okay, not "we" -- just the kids. I stole somebody's idea and claimed to be a Wizard dressed as a Muggle. It got laughs all day.

7. We went trick-or-treating. For a little bit.

8. We sorted out the candy. A fun part for my 6 year old.

9. We kept 6 pieces, because David is 6 years old.

10. We gave the rest to the Candy Fairy.

11. I blogged about Halloween here and here and here.

12. I got a headache.

13. We breathed a sigh of relief that Halloween is over for another year!

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MommyBa said...

Cool Halloween wrap-up :)

Happy Thursday!

Nicholas said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!

SAHMmy Says said...

Your "costume" is a fabulous idea! Would have totally worked on my son who really really wanted Mommy & Daddy to dress up too. It's in the Ideas section of my Halloween Notebook for next year; thanks!

Joyismygoal said...

Glad you had a good holiday

~ Melody ~ said...

I'm LOL at your to-the-point-no-frills post. :)

The kids look adorable. I bought candy from my kids...I never claimed to be above bribery to get my way.

~ Melody ~ said...

And the photos are great!

Robin said...

Love the costume, and your kids are adorable. They look like they had a terrific Halloween.