Saturday, September 20, 2008

Essential Mom Tools

I am published in this month's special "Family" issue of Real Simple Magazine. I answered the question... "Moms: What's the One Thing You Can't Live Without?"

While I've already posted about this before, I couldn't help but think of how well it fit into this week's Parent's Blog Blast.

I definitely rely on my Blackberry to help me out.

But I know that there are so many other things, like car seats and child-safety locks, that truly are a blessing to me as a parent. There are no guarantees in life, this I know, but these simple tools make me breathe easier. We so often take them for granted - but there were days without carseats, without seatbelts, without safety scissors and bike helmets. Maybe life was freer then, maybe life more calm, but I like to think that we are the ones who are blessed.

(And I said I was taking a hiatus but I just can't stay away. Oops.)

This post was inspired by this week's Blog Blast over at the Parent Bloggers Network , sponsored by Yoplait Kids.

P.S. Haveil Havalim - the Jewish Blog Carnival - is up live over by Jack's place. It's great, as usual!


Anonymous said...

Hooray for you! I might just have to change my mind about that magazine and Blackberries. Sometimes it seems like a blessing not to know the answers to her questions, but my daughter might rather text you next time around.

Mama Zen said...

You're in Real Simple? That is so cool!