Friday, July 9, 2010

Sock it to me

Every camp has their traditions and culture.
Every camp has their rituals and routines.

Here at OSRUI, one of those unique and creative rituals, long-standing and with blurry origins, is High Sock Thursday in Kibbutz haTzofim.
(this was part of a 3-legged race, obviously)

It does add a little bit of fun and excitement.

Do rituals need to have purpose? Or is their very purpose to add purpose to our lives? What purpose does wearing "high socks" serve for our campers and staff? Certainly it builds community. Certainly it builds silliness, which is a critical element for fun at any summer camp. And certainly it gives us a sense of shared experience.

So why do we wear High Socks on Thursdays?

Because that's what we do.


Heading into Shabbat at camp....I can't wait for the quiet, the peace, and the pure Shabbat-ness of it all.

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