Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Sam is right on the edge. Right on the cusp.

Of reading.

He is so ready.

Tonight, I brought home a used set of Bob books.

He opened one and started to read.
His face lit up as he read the simple story.
And then he read the next one.
And the next.
And he couldn't stop.
"Can I read the next one?"
He didn't want to go to bed.
He read one on Facetime to his grandparents.

Finally, it was bedtime.

"Can I take them upstairs and read with Yael?"
Um.... how can I say no?

A few minutes later, they're back.
"We need a little light."
(Now, let me tell you, it was waaaaay past bedtime. But I know the feeling. When you're on a roll and you just can't go to bed.)

I listened at the door.
"Look, Yael, that says 'Dot'. Say 'Dot.'"
Not only did he learn how to read tonight.
He taught his little sister too.

Because it's way more fun to read with a friend.
Do you remember that feeling?
The beginning of reading....the opening of that big, amazing, exciting world?
Let the adventure begin....


Batya said...

mazaltov! A new reader!
Today it's so much easier. When I was little, I begged my mother to teach me how to read, and she said that the teachers won't like me if I knew ahead of time. When an aunt gave me some readers that we were using in school. I never allowed myself to read more than one story ahead.

crafty wee midden said...

thank you for a lovely memory, of being taken to the local library by my Grandma, to join, when I was four......I'm now 56 and only a few months ago started pursuing my Jewish path, thanks to my Jewish Grandma.....been 'nothing' all my life, searching, and found myself where I was all the time, if that makes sense?

I love your blog - thank you!

shalom from Scotland

Morah Betsy M said...

Mazel Tov to Sam!

This was a lovely thing to wake up to.

Some things are more important than bedtime.

I taught first grade for a few years and remember this exact moment happening for one of my students. She brought home the first book that she learned to read in school and then came back the next day and told me her mom liked the story so much she wanted to hear Amber read it 10 times! Go Amber's mom!

Thanks for your blog.