Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Purim is Coming!

Baking hamantaschen is one of my favorite yearly traditions.
We started a little early this year (maybe?) but I have plans, as usual, to make many.
We started with some of the usual kinds...chocolate, date, apricot...
And we started with some of the usual helpers...

Homemade apricot filling created by Bubbie using recipe found in this post.
Are you looking for some Hamantaschen Tips and Tricks?
Last year I posted some of my favorites! 

People have been posting their Mishloach Manot themes...very creative!
This is one of those times when I tend to be very...boring.
I like to give hamantaschen.
I can't help it!
They're so yummy.
If I didn't give them away...
I would just eat them all myself.

I have some ideas for creative hamantaschen up my sleeve so stay tuned....


Batya said...

great picture! Just last night I was looking for one, but it wasn't up.

ADK said...

Just thought you would like to know that I included you on my "Top 10 Purim Links". You can see the post here:

Happy Purim!

Ann Koffsky

Leah said...

This is great. We're planning to bake a batch tomorrow.