Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tasty Tuesday

Here's a great and easy appetizer recipe that is always eaten up right quick. It's the less-sophisticated version of baked brie...

Baked Cream Cheese

1 can of refrigerated crescent roll dough
1 block of cream cheese (go ahead and use the full-fat, why not?)
dill or other spices
beaten egg yolk

Lay out half the crescent roll dough, and put the cream cheese block on top. Sprinkle with dill and/or other spices, then wrap it up. Brush with the egg yolk.

Bake at 350 for about about 15 minutes, along with the rest of the crescent roll dough made into the cute little crescents.

Serve with crackers and veggies.

What can you make with cream cheese?
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Kellan said...

Anything with cream cheese is good in my book and this sounds delicious - I will try it. Thanks