Thursday, October 25, 2007

13 Great Things About Cincinnati, Ohio

I spent about 24 hours in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Tuesday/Wednesday this week. We lived in Cincinnati for four years while we were students at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of was fun to go back...and here are 13 things I enjoyed about re-visiting this city! (Okay, I didn't actually do or see all of this but these are all things that visiting reminded me of.)

1. Graeter's Ice Cream. Is there anything more delicious than their ice cream? I'm not entirely sure.

2. Habanero's, a local burrito joint that I loved. It's on Ludlow, in the college-y area of town, and it's still delicious!

3. Hebrew Union College -- this is where I went to school, and it was great to return and see many professors, current students, and the daycare where my son went for about 18 months, the Jewish Early Learning Cooperative (aka JELC)

4. The American Jewish Archives, housed at on the HUC campus. I haven't been in the new archives building and it was amazing. There is an incredible "electronic classroom" that is just spectacular. Huge screens, internet hookups, it's a techie's dream!

5. Did I mention Graeter's?

6. Cincinnati is the birthplace of American Reform Judaism. Plum Street Temple, built in 1866, is still an incredible monument to Reform Judaism's roots and a gorgeous place to pray.

7. The chili. Even though I really don't like it, it was fun to be back in the town where people do like it and eat it.

8. Kroger's grocery stores. There's nothing quite like shopping at Kroger!

9. Newport Aquarium. This is a great aquarium, small and not too complicated. Until the renovation there was nothing that really smelled fishy, which is the part of aquariums that I don't like. And a yearly pass was cheap and easy...

10. The multi-state nature of the Cincinnati's very cool to fly into Kentucky and then drive into Ohio. Why do I think this is cool? I have no idea but I do really like Kentucky.

11. Um, I think I mentioned Graeter's before. But it's worth it again.

12. Adriatico's Pizza. Mm...and Dewey's Pizza too. Have you noticed that my experiences seem to be primarily culinary? Maybe I should have titled this post 13 Great Things to Eat in Cincinnati. hee hee.

13. You can never go home again (so they say), but it felt so nice to be in this small city, a city that I know so well, a place that just felt good. There are plenty of flaws in Cincinnati, but for me there are so many sweet memories. My husband and I began our married life together there in a crummy student apartment, my first baby was born at Good Samaritan Hospital, I learned and studied and created community with my friends, I bought my first house (which I drove by during my brief trip...), I was ordained at Plum Street Temple and then my husband was ordained there. I still have friends there, although many have left. It's good to visit again.

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Nicholas said...

I've never been to Cincinatti, or even Ohio, but I found that very interesting.

Robin said...

So you're saying you like the ice cream...

I doubt I'll ever make it out that way, but if I do I'll be sure to have a big bowlful for you.