Friday, February 1, 2008

Winner of OopsieDazie & Book Giveaway

The winner is #24:

Laura_licious! (at hotmail) -- I'll be sending you an email.

Here's how she answered my question about instilling confidence in girls...

I have a son, and I am due with a girl next month. I just pray that I can instill confidence and strength to her as she grows up!

Some of the comments were really fabulous, take a look.

Some of you asked me what I meant by the Jewish princess reference. It's a not-very-nice ethnic slur...of the "Jewish American Princess". Sexist and also antisemitic. See Wikipedia's article for some more information.

Thanks to everyone who entered!
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Thanks to Shannon for hosting the Giveaway Carnival and a big thank you to OopsieDazie for offering the great giveaway. Go buy some of their cute and affordable stuff!!!


Joyce said...

Hi, Phyllis,

Thank you for stopping by my blog to read haiku. I'm pleased to meet you. :)

Kat said...

I didn't think to respond before, but a lot of studies have indicated that women's tendency to value meekness and physical beauty over strength and substance begins with the stories they hear in childhood--specifically fairy tales. I highly recommend you get the book "Tatterhood and Other Stories" by Ethel Johnston Phelps. It's a collection of fairy tales from cultures around the world which feature strong, pro-active heroines. I absolutely fell in love with that book growing up. Also, I believe Phelps has since released a second collection of feminist fairy tales, but I don't know the title off hand.