Sunday, April 27, 2008

Opportunitiy to Help...and Five Places I've Been

The Bloggers helping Jeni auction is now up and running, arranged by the amazing Bella. This is an amazing opportunity to help out Jen Ballantyne, who blogs here at The Comfy Place. She is currently in hospice but still blogging, her latest post was about how much she wants to help others. Go check out the auction by clicking here to go straight to the ebay store they have set up.

There are over 130 items in the auction, including:
* photography
* one of kind services and gifts
* gift certificates to online boutiques
* Hand Crafted items
* Yummy Bath Products
* Toys and clothing for baby and child
* Jewelry
* much more!

The auction will be up and running until Thursday, May 1st.

I think this is truly harnessing the power of the blogosphere. It's amazing that most, if not all, of the people who are participating have never met Jeni IRL (in real life). I find that to be awesome....


Five Places I've Been This Week...

Toyota 2009 Corolla
...welcome to the family, Hedwig the Corolla! Stay tuned for pics;-)

Healthy Living Organic T-shirts

Hadag Nachash latest music obsession

Family car stickers ...I had no idea I was such a trend-setter? follower?

Flourless chocolate-walnut cookies

from my -- where have you been?

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