Saturday, May 31, 2008

five places i've been this week

it's been a long and busy week. i've been barely keeping up...and definitely not reading/writing/responding to comments. sorry! but i've been out and about a here are five places i've been this week...and here's to a new week of far more sleep and therefore far more motivation!

Using Unsharp Mask

Wooden Car Mezuzot (I have one of these and I want another one for my new car)

60 Things this Very Funny Guy Likes About Israel...from 60bloggers

Postville...are you following this story?!

Can I make these? Actually, I just want to eat them. But making them leads to eating...go click. Trust me.

From my have you been this week?


SAHMmy Says said...

Mmmm! So happy I couldn't bring myself to toss the marshmallows during my pantry cleanout today--they're too stale for snacking, but I bet they'll be perfect baked inside those yummy cookies--thanks for the link!

Robin said...

What's a car mezuza?