Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Left Behind...

Today was a hard day.

Not for my oldest. He was pretty excited to start school. First grade, it's "all that." He's really psyched for tomorrow when he gets to eat lunch at school. He's social, he's happy, he's ready for it all to get going.

Not for my middle. He was also excited to go to school. Last year, he didn't love it so much, but I think he wasn't quite old enough. This year, he's a star. And the teachers noticed how much he's grown up, how happy he was.

Not for me. I know how happy my boys are at school! I know how much fun they're having, I know how much they're learning, I know how good it is.

It was hard for Yael. This morning, she woke up a little earlier than usual, because there was all the hustle and bustle. That was the beginning of it all. Then, suddenly (well in her 18-month-old mind), the boys, including Dad, got their shoes on in a hurry and left.


She sat right down in the middle of the front hall and screamed. She followed them out the door. She cried as they drove away.

And all day, it was like that. Just not quite right for her.

Poor baby.

I've read lots of articles about how to ease your child into preschool, how to transition to the first day of school, how to make it all okay for the ones who are doing the going.

But not too much about the ones left behind. I never even thought of it. A whole morning alone with her mom...but she didn't quite see it that way.

A little bit of extra love and kisses for my baby this week.

How did your kids do on their first days of school?

(That's my Tuesday Torah for the week. What's yours?)


Robin said...

Mine haven't started back yet, I'll let you know Monday night. Itai will be fine, but Maya is facing some major changes this year. She's excited, but change isn't easy for her and there will be a lot of it this year. Keep your fingers crossed.

Leora said...

We haven't started yet. But your post reminded me of the experience of my daughter when her older brother, to whom she is very close, went away to sleepaway camp this past month. She didn't cry like that (she's 6), but she did miss him a LOT.

Sara said...

I thought my youngest would miss his brother, but yesterday he was thrilled to have me and his toys all to himself. My friend had a son who wandered around like a lost puppy which is why I had anticipated things to be harder for the one left behind. Hopefully it will become her normal soon and she'll relish the time to play.

Marci said...

Oh, poor little one!! I am sending extra special love and kisses to her.

Anonymous said...

that's so cute! poor little thing. who would've thought? here in israel our first days are generally Sept 1st. we will have an interesting 1st day because ALL 5 of my kids will be in new places! Hard to imagine that all 5, ages 18 down to 5, can all be starting in new places at the same time (and no, we didn't just move :-)
come september 1st i'm sure i'll have what to write!

Vered said...

Oh no! Sweet Yael.

I can just imagine her sad little face!

My kids started first and third grade. They are happy, so I am happy too. :)

(Although I hate the first day of school and going back to a strict routine).

Anonymous said...

Oh! Poor sweet baby! You are so right about the focus on the school kiddos. My youngest is used to it but it definitely is different here on the days when she is not in school and sister is.

Anonymous said...

I think there is a chapter on this in the original All of A Kind Family. That sounds like a hard day. I hope it gets easier.