Saturday, November 24, 2012

#36Reasons - Sammy and his Jammies

Funny story...have you ever noticed that there were posts in your "drafts" that you just never got around to writing? Um...yep.

When I discovered this post, I giggled. Clearly, I wanted to write about Sam wearing his jammies everywhere. I remember how funny it was that he would get up in the morning, change into "daytime pajamas" and then switch back again at night into "bedtime pajamas."

As part of my 36 day project, I am planning to write about various memories on Shabbat. So here's today's memory-walk. Check out my little guy...I think these pics are mostly from the ages of 3-4...and now he's a grown-up seven.

And he still likes to wear his pajamas.

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Sara said...

Owen SO needs daytime jammies. How on earth did you teach Sam to switch into them? Getting Owen dressed is an exercise all in itself. Cute pictures, BTW!