Friday, November 16, 2012

Backwards Birthday

Last week, when we were eating breakfast donuts for Sam's birthday, I asked David what we were going to have for breakfast on his birthday, one week later.

He grinned at me with an impish glint in his eye and said, "I think we should have backwards day - pizza for breakfast!"

Challenge accepted.

Breakfast, er, Dinner was pizza, made fresh from our friend Adam's City Pizza that he delivered to our house on Wednesday. (You can't exactly order pizza at 7am and the thought of making crust and all that in time for school...oy.) The kids even got to drink soda! It was a special birthday day, after all. And then we had dessert, one Oreo each.

And then for dinner breakfast, we went to our favorite pancake house. I brought along the morning paper so that David could, as is his daily custom, read the comics. Over breakfast, of course.

Why yes, he is eating french toast AND hashbrowns. He ate it all, plus one of Solly's pancakes. Oy.
How do you make birthdays special in your house? This one was pretty simple but everyone will remember it!

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