Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Contest ..and Five Places I've Been This Week

Check out this awesome "dad-vest" that's being given away at Mom Views. It is way cool and I hope I win it. You can enter too but it's almost over!!!!!
My hubby would be the perfect guy to wear this...


Five Places I've Been This Week....
...Check out these cool notepads at See Jane Work.
...1 Bag at a time, reusable grocery bags. These are the first ones I've seen that are actually reasonable and affordable. Maybe we should all get some!!!!
...Tea and Cookies wrote a great post about caprese salad. I really want to plant some tomatoes and basil next year. Can I plant a mozzarella plant too?
...Radar's Day at the Library, a cool tabblo shared
....Backpack, an interesting site for organizing yourself
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