Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Dad Blog!?...and 5 Places I've been this week

So there are lots of stay-at-home-dads, right? Not as many as the moms, sure, but dads can, indeed stay home. In fact, my husband is one of these SAHD...which is a bad acronym, since when pronounced, it sounds like "sad"! He is very good at taking care of our young 'uns, and he works part-time outside the home as well. There's another SAHD in our neighborhood, but overall, he doesn't have a lot of support in the real world. He is not really one for blog-reading (unless I pass them on to him)...but I am! And I found a Dad-blog this week, Stay At Home Dad, Geek Style. AND he is having a Stay At Home Dad Digital Camera Give-Away. (which I'd very much like to win)...not only a camera but free stuff from too.

He has a very adorable daughter that he features in photos (I love photos) and they hosted a tiny chocolate lab puppy for a few days that was beyond cute with the little girl. I like reading about how he's trying to make the blogging part of his parenting as well as his work, which is a lot like how I see my blogging as well!

So go check him out...and you too can enter his contest:-)


Five Places I've Been This Week

The Mindset List from Beloit College...the mindset of entering college freshmen. Wild.

How to Fold a One-Page Book...just because it's cool!

Spell with Flickr

From Momma Zen...on balance

The Fall TV line-up - I can't wait for my favorite shows to return:-)
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therapydoc said...

Someone should stay home, don't you think? What're we working for?

Rabbi Phyllis Sommer said...

well, yes, that's why he is home with them instead of sending them off to strangers to raise our kids. on the other hand, i am extremely fulfilled by my work and i feel that it makes me a better mom to do what i do. i'm not going to start a stay-at-home vs. working mom debate here...i think that our children are valuable and we should care for them in whatever way we think best.