Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sunday Around the Web - Jewish Blogs

Here are some of the Jewish blogs that I like. Some of them I read regularly!

The Fly Fishing Rabbi -- a classmate of mine who has a strange fascination with fish. But still a good read:-)

An Unsealed Room -- no relation, but Allison Kaplan Sommer writes a pretty nice blog about life in Israel. Last summer she gave excellent commentary on the war in Lebanon. (Isn't it hard to believe that was just last summer??)

Jewcy's Faithhacker -- so many interesting things on Jewcy I can't even start to count them! Not all family-friendly, so to speak. But all are thought-provoking, for sure.

Juggling Frogs -- for the links to the parasha (Torah portion) cakes alone, this blog is great!

So as I'm writing this post, I'm totally getting distracted by other blogs...ack! Start with these and if you have some more to suggest, please comment below!

...and of course, if you want more there's always -- I can't seem to get registered on their site.


Five Places I've Been This Week:

The Awakened Heart Project - check out the podcast of the morning prayer service.

Rabbinical School is Ruining My Love Life - on Jewcy, a great site. And it's by a friend of mine from way long ago from camp

Mama Merit Badges - I so want a set.

Wedding Dresses on eBay - no, not getting married again. contemplating selling mine!

Gymboree -- we had so much fun doing Gymbo with Anne Marie in Cleveland that I think we're going to sign up Sam and Yael forthe fall....

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