About Me

Ima is Hebrew for "mom."
Bima is the platform from which a Jewish prayer service is led.
Rabbis typically stand on the bima to lead services.
I'm a rabbi and mama...sometimes I'm up on the bima and sometimes I'm not...

I try to write about my family and our real-life Jewish living.

Sometimes I blog over at SupermanSam's blog -- a blog that started about my forever-8-year-old son who died of cancer and now is more about our lives without him.

I also #BlogElul and #BlogExodus -- two series of prompts that I create annually to help give a focus to the preparations for the High Holy Days and Pesach, respectively.

(Want to email me? imabima (at) gmail.com)
Want to hear the other guy's perspective? Check out my husband, the Abba Sababa.

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