Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Eat this Lunch

So...I'm sure you (my 6 loyal readers) have wondered where I've been! I haven't commented on your blogs. I haven't been posting to my own. (Maybe that's because there are 829 posts in my Google Reader right now and that just seems intimidating.) I haven't installed the new Chrome browser. I haven't been twittering...much. Let's just say getting school started for the kidlets has made me b-u-s-y!

Not to mention there are a few holidays coming up soon.

I had big plans for my blog for the month of Elul. And while Elul isn't quite over yet (thank heavens, since I'm not at all ready for that), I think I might not quite get to a big Elul fest around here. But I will work on it. Stay tuned.

Just to show you what kinds of things I've been doing (and enjoying mightily, I must add), here is a sample of the kinds of lunches I've been packing. Will these lovely masterpieces continue for the whole year? Well, the kids have got to eat, and not school-lunch-food. So...probably.

Isn't it pretty? Not quite as ambitious as some. But it works for me!

(And those of you 6 loyal readers know that I usually participate in the Works-for-me-Wednesday carnival. Wouldn't this have done nicely? But you see, since I've been living in the non-online world, I didn't notice the memo that it was a Backwards Edition this week. Oops. Oh well.)


Robin said...

No worries, your many more than 6 loyal readers will still be here when you find your blogging feet again.

Just don't post too many more uber-cute lunches or I may start feeling inadequate ;-).

Leora said...

Packing lunches! I was so relieved that my kids' school starts pizza today. My kids don't like cold, sandwichy food. Your kids eat hard-boiled eggs? Wow, I must have been blessed with the pickiest kinderlach in the universe.

Looking forward to whatever you write, whenever you write it.

Jendeis said...

Lunch looks yummy. For more beautiful lunch pictures, go look here (lunchinabox.net)

Sara said...

I really like the idea you have of using cupcake liners as dividers in your larger tupperware container. I'm also impressed that you only will have two containers to clean at the end of the day (and only two the your child has to remember to bring home). It will be interesting to see what I end up packing for lunches since my kids are more snackers than lunch people.

Another meshugannah mommy said...

What a great idea for a "green" lunch container! My kids use bento boxes that I bought years ago from Tupperware. My biggest got into the habit when he did Coast Guardians camp, and was encouraged to make a "no waste" lunch.

I like your healthy lunch ideas. If you have more, pleae post!!!!!

Anonymous said...

7th loyal reader reporting in. That lunch is absolutely "trade" worthy. And that's what I began to realize happens to the lovely lunch I pack each day. Oh well. Lunch is just lunch after all.

Phyllis Sommer said...

this is hilarious. i totally took the stab at 6...and yet here you all are! you guys rock:-)

(And Dad, I know you're reading too!)

orenhayon said...

You know, if you were REALLY good, you could have done something like...


Anonymous said...

8th loyal reader on board.
You have such lucky little pumpkins to get lunches like that.