Saturday, August 22, 2009

Is it over already?

It's back to school week.

There, I wrote it.

It's almost more shocking than the fact that it's the month of Elul, the Hebrew month that precedes Rosh HaShanah.

It just snuck up on me.

So, in honor of Back-To-School week, and to give me something to distract myself from the impending craziness, I'll be hosting giveaways all week long!

So come back and visit.

It will take your mind off the fact that the flip-flop season is almost officially over.


See more last-of-summer stuff over at Summer Stock Sundays. And come back all week!


Anonymous said...

There is a land, should you be lucky enough to find it, of eternal flip flops. :)

Dimple said...

Yep, flip flops are definitely summer footwear. And you're right, the season is almost done for this year. Those who migrate south for the winter have a good idea, I think!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Ah, my favorite footwear! We have one or two more months of flip flop weather here; I guess I should be grateful and not complain about the lack of rain and the heat!

Robin said...

I'm definitely a flip-flops girl myself but sadly I'm having a lot of foot trouble right now and it's been ugly old lady shoes and orthotics for me all summer. Yuck.

kayerj said...

I thought flip flops were a year round accessory :)

my summer stock photo can be seen here

Harry said...

Its still sandal weather here!