Sunday, January 16, 2011

Viovio Photobook Review

I put up this post, reviewing photobooks from Picaboo and Shutterfly.

In response, a very lovely email came to me from Viovio, another photobook service. They offered me a $50 gift certificate to create a book and review their site. How wonderful!

Go read more of my review here.
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Enna A. said...

I am a huge photobook fan! Usually do it on Shutterfly but have thought about Blurb. Have you seen Blurb?

Amanda said...

After doing a work project where we compared prints from Kodak and Snapfish, I've pretty much completely switched to Kodak for all my photo printing needs. They don't let you do the spine binding, you might not like that. However, for a 12x12 wedding album, I could not be more pleased. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

The newer photo design there lets you switch sizes afteryou've created the book, but the older design doesn't allow that.

That said, I'm not sure the smaller sized books (8x10, or 9x12) are any better or any worse than Snapfish which is the only other company with which I have experience. I'd definitely use Kodak for big books though and for professional level prints in matte, which are highly superior to other companies.

Anonymous said...

First, just wanted to say thank you for these reviews - your last review inspired me to get going on printing our family pictures. I'm a perfectionist about it and the result is NO albums to look through together! It finally hit me, after reading about your method, to organize my books seasonally (fall-winter and spring-summer) which makes it so much more manageable.

I have ordered before from MyPublisher and Picaboo. I like the quality of MyPublisher but would have liked more binding and layout options. Picaboo I wasn't too impressed with, but I ordered a small softcover so maybe it was the product I chose. Right now I am working with the Blurb software which is very customizable. I am not really scrapbook-y so I like the portfolio look I can get with Blurb. I am also working on some personalized Hebrew photo storybooks for my son through Lupa. If I ever finish them, I will report on what they look like! Lucky Solomon to have his book already!

Batya said...

I really ought to do this, print a book or two. I've never done it. Are there any companies which I shouldn't use? I'd appreciate advice. thanks
shilohmuse at gmail dot com