Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rosh Chodesh Shevat

It doesn't seem like spring.
Picture taken in Central Park on a lovely almost-spring-like day in January!
But the days are, in fact, getting longer.
Deep below the earth,
the trees can sense it
the future
the potential
the awakening...

I've always loved the hope
of the month of Shevat.

It's cold and dark here.
But somewhere special
in our Land
spring is on the horizon.

May we celebrate
what is
and what is yet to be
in the new month

May the new month of Shevat bring blessing and hope, peace and joy.
Chodesh Tov!


Batya said...

My almond tree is usually a month late, but spring is on the way here in Shiloh.

Debra Kassoff said...

Mississippi, too...the bloom is on the rose of sharon, and the tulip poplars are about to bust out. One nice thing about this corner of galut, our seasons to some degree mirror those in Ha'aretz. Everything's a trade-off, right? :) Keep warm, keep the faith up there.