Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Haircut Mitzvah

My daughter has beautiful hair. She is pure adorableness.
Each year at the synagogue, we offer our students the opportunity to cut their hair for Locks of Love, an organization that provides wigs for children with long-term medical hair loss.

I have participated a few times (I think it was 3 or 4 times) but not in Yael's memory.
We have talked about her possible participation for quite some time.
Can a five-year-old understand what it means to donate her hair?
I don't really know.
But she was totally into the idea.
So I went with it.
People asked me if she really understood what she was doing.
I don't know.
But does it really matter? She did it.
Na'aseh v'nishma.
We will do and (perhaps) then we will understand.
This week, we stand at Sinai.
Sometimes it takes something as simple as snipping a ponytail to help us remember what it all really means.


Frume Sarah said...

The best drash EVER on Na'aseh v'nishma.

Yael rocks. And you and AbbaSababa are the reason.

Debra Kassoff said...

Amen to that. Mazal tov, and chag sameach!