Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Two of Us

With all the upheaval in our home, I've noticed how much my kids all love each other.

It makes my mama's heart so proud. It's what I want for them above almost anything else - to have their siblings as their bosom friends.

So now that there are only two at home...
(David got a wonderful weekend away with friends, and as you know...Sam is holed up at the hospital.)

The dynamics are quite different.
Yael has never been "the oldest," and in this new role, she is excelling.

She might be just a tad...bossy opinionated instructive to her little brother.

But it's beautiful to watch, since he is totally in love with her.


Anonymous said...

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Your kids are quite adorable. No doubt raised by great parents.

Ellen said...

Yael's approach to being the older one does not surprise me at all. I saw it when she was with Roo. She was very sweet and very determined about what he should do and where he should go. I had a wonderful time watching her and chatting with David.o

Batya said...

So cute. They do look "grown up" and have a lot to deal with.

philip said...

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