Tuesday, March 12, 2013

#BlogExodus - Chodesh Tov!

For this new moon of Nisan, a poem:

The time is upon us
for freedom...
for freeing
from the bondage
of slavery
of winter

spring comes
and we break free

Nisan comes and it's like the world opens up.

The waters part
the world renews.

The new moon of Nisan is only 15 days from the moment of the Exodus...it takes only a few moments for freedom to come, but a lifetime of lifetimes to truly believe in it.

 Originally posted here.

With the beginning of Nisan also begins #BlogExodus for the next 2 weeks. (More on that here.) All you have to do is use the hashtag and there are suggested prompts on the graphic (feel free to grab it). Maybe you just want to post on your Facebook or Twitter about these topics...or maybe you want to try #Exodusgram, a new idea to post photos related to these themes? Read more of my #BlogExodus posts over at my other blog, rabbiphyllis.blogspot.com, my #Exodusgram pictures on my tumblr site, imabima.tumblr.com, and other miscellaneous Passover posts here at imabima.blogspot.com. It's going to be a busy fortnight!

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