Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Top Ten Reasons I LOVE maternity leave:
10. No need to hire a babysitter, I'm just home.
9. Free weekends and evenings.
8. Family outings.
7. Eating at home - breakfast, lunch and dinner.
6. Bedtimes.
5. Daytime Television (Oprah, anyone?)
4. Time to hang with friends.
3. Eating at home.
2. Sweats and crocs every day!
1. My baby, of course!

Top Ten Reasons I HATE maternity leave:
10. No sleep.
9. No sleep.
8. No sleep.
7. No sleep.
6. No sleep.
5. 3am television stinks.
4. Um...people think it's a vacation.
3. Eating at home...eating all the time!
2. Nothing fits. Oy.
1. Sleep? What's sleep?

Five things to do while on maternity leave:
1. Feed the baby.
2. Change the baby.
3. Rock the baby.
4. Hold the baby.
5. Feed the baby.

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