Sunday, March 2, 2008

five places i've been this week

Anne Frank's One True Love (I just met Hannah Pick, Anne's childhood friend, while in Jerusalem. So this story called out to me...)

Make-Your-Own Breakfast Bars...interesting idea!

Help out the forgetful tooth fairy (guess who has his first loose tooth!?)

Say it ain't so!!!!!

My Outsourced Life by AJ Jacobs
, a really funny and slightly scary article...I met him today!

Plus a bonus....this is pretty darn funny. I'm sure I'm the last person to find it but I still thought it was cute!

From my have you been?

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Reiza said...

I think we run in the same circles (or at least we read in them). I see a few familiar links (the tooth fairy one was a favorite. My twins have lost 5 teeth between them and they have 4 more that are just about to fall out).

But oh my goodness, the bonus--I loved the bonus. I've never seen that. THANK YOU. That made my night.