Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Ima's Breakfast Menu

I am so tired of fighting over breakfast. Most of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook know that my kids have been getting up super-early lately, and then can be crabby. (Me too!) This means that they tend to fight about whatever I offer for breakfast. And I really believe that giving choices just invites problems. Also, we have been going through frozen waffles like crazy and they're not so cheap!

So I invented the "Breakfast Menu."
Not only did I make a menu, but I now make a big deal about each day's food.

Here's the Menu:

Monday: Yogurt and Cereal
Tuesday: Muffins (and cereal)
Wednesday: Pancakes
Thursday: (Frozen) Waffles
Friday: CheeseToast & cereal
(Saturday and Sunday are more free-for-alls....)

The biggest hits are, of course, Muffin Tuesday and Pancake Wednesday. These even have songs composed in their honor.

How, you might ask, do I serve muffins in the morning? I make them over the weekend or whenever I have time and freeze them, of course! Pancake Wednesday is a little trickier. Sometimes I measure out all the "pancake sugar" (as David called it once) the night before. But today I made this recipe for a Baked Pancake (found via this great blog) and it was a huge hit. One of my kids even said: "Pancake Wednesday should always be this kind of pancake!" (I think I could measure it all into the blender, refrigerate overnight, and then whizz it up in the morning for a really speedy thing.)

Hey, it works for me.


Lynn said...

Great ideas. I struggle with breakfast too. My kids are early risers and I am just not a morning person. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Cat said...

That Pancake looks almost like Yorkshire Pudding, but I know it's not. Happy eating!

Audra Krell said...

I've found planning a menu makes all the difference in the world...glad it's working for you!

Blessed said...

Great ideas - I need to get us on a better schedule!

Sheva said...

wow this is a great idea, now how am i going to get them to eat lunch and dinner that has other ing. besides sugar. Why is food the biggest battle? I've started using crazy preparation tactics such as my 2 year old won't even look at a banana but if i serve it chopped up with a little peanut butter on toothpicks ( hor devours style) then he'll eat it. All my meals have become hor devours.

Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Just popping in and love the idea of a breakfast menu! We do a dinner menu a week in advance but never thought of doing the breakfast. Going to try it!