Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Look, it's me!

A few weeks before Chanukah, my son's preschool sent home a construction-paper cut-out in the shape of a house. We were asked to, in some way, fill the paper will a representation of how we celebrate Chanukah in our homes. Oh yeah, and we were supposed to do it (I gathered) with the kiddo.)

I may seem like a really creative, do-it-all kind of mom, but sometimes these things just stump me. I'm not sure I know how to do a project like this with my kid who doesn't really remember last Chanukah?

So instead, I went through my Picasa photos and grabbed half a dozen pictures of last year's Chanukah. Did you know that from Picasa you can send directly to lots of print companies? Walgreens is my favorite for quick printing, because it's right down the street and usually can print within an hour or two. I printed up the pictures, picked them up, taped them down on the paper and voila! Dropped it off at school with the kidlet.

After Winter Break they sent the paper home...and I asked...what do we do with it now? I always feel reluctant to throw away photos. So I taped it up in the kitchen right at kid-height.

You know what? They love it. Absolutely love it. My two little ones run over to it, name all the people, and run away.

It is such a great way to have a photo gallery up for the kids to look at and touch. I don't worry that they're going to "ruin" the pictures or anything like that.

This is one that really works for me, and I'm going to do it again soon with Purim pictures. I'm so excited.

Go see what works for other people.


Also....Jack's latest update on Gaza is here and keep your eyes on Muqata and IsraellyCool for the latest liveblogging. It's hard to believe we're on Day 16 of this....my heart is in the east.


Sarah said...

Your post is a real confirmation for me that I need to get pics of every family member up on the refrigerator! They enjoy reading them and figuring out who they are ~ especially since we send b-day cards to all. Now they would know 'who' it was they were signing their name to the card for!

I just love your header ~ crocs are so comfy!

Have a wonderful wednesday!

Anonymous said...


That's a very cute idea!! You're so creative.

Amanda said...

I love the holiday-themed idea!

We have pictures up on the refrigerator at my daughter's height. Two years ago I took the photo cards our friends sent at holiday time and put them in those photo refrigerator magnets. Now each year when I pull the cards down, I just cut the pictures and update the photos.

Beth @ TheAngelForever said...

What a great idea. We had photos hanging around, but my little guy keeps running off with them. My oldest (5) has his own little photo album that he loves to look at all the time.

Marci said...

They look like they are really enjoying it! What a cute idea :) Hope all is well with you guys!!

jillwithtwins said...

We print our pics super cheap at costco. I print multiples and never worry about them because I know how to get more. My kids have them floating all over their room. They even sleep with some of them, have some in their backpacks to carry with them at school. Many are dog-eared with love. It is a great way for kids to feel connected at times of separation (bedtime, school, or after an extended family vacation with out of town cousins, etc.)