Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hair Today...

from this: (originally posted 9/8/09)
to this:

(see this post - yep, we had lice)
and now back to this:

taken this week, 6/11/09
Good thing she's cute no matter what length her hair is!
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Reiza said...

With her hair super short, it really showed off her eyes, but it does look so cute now that it's growing back. Are you loving being able to do pony tails and pigtails again? I'm absolutely floored by how quickly it grew back in.

Staci A said...

Glad it grew back! Either way though, she is a cutie!

Jew Wishes said...

Precious in purple and pink. Such eyes...so huge and filled with emotion.

Leigh Ann said...

Oh. My. Goodness.
That was so Sinead of her.

I just wrote a post about hair too! Looks like you had the opposite problem I have. :)

Her hair is so curly-gorgeous. Think the shaving made it grow back thicker?