Saturday, June 27, 2009

No Paparazzi, Please

Why are we so fascinated by Jon and Kate? Okay, I think we're all just fascinated by Kate. (He's a little more benign, don't you think?)

I think I know.

Because we see ourselves in Kate.
Each and every one of us is secretly terrified of what kind of mom the world sees us as.

We're all afraid of whatever would happen if the cameras followed us around for a whole day. I know I am. I can't imagine what it must be like to know that every word you're saying is recorded, even the bad moments.

'Cuz we all have bad moments. (Trust me, no cameras in my house, please!)

I know, I know, she chose it.

But it feels a little like a snowball...rolling downhill...getting bigger and more out of control.

Her initial instinct was to "vlog." If you watched the earliest episodes, many of them were based on her own homemade videos. So many of us are here in the internet writing our lives, sharing our stories.

We all wish we could get our "big break" and a movie or book deal...she got there. I think there's a little bit of envy for that, even if we are glad we didn't have 6 kids all at once, perhaps.

It went to her head and ruined her marriage. What a sad shame.

But we all see ourselves.
And we hope that our stories turn out a little calmer, a little quieter, a little shinier.

(A book deal would be nice though...)


Jew Wishes said...

"And we hope that our stories turn out a little calmer, a little quieter, a little shinier."

Those are the magic words, indeed!

Anonymous said...

this may sound crazy, but sometimes I actually pretend a video camera *is* watching me parent, and it helps me find my hidden reserves of patience.. I guess it's a little like believing God is watching your every move, only, you know, different.

Leigh Ann said...

All I can say is oy, oy oy....

and "Amen."