Monday, October 12, 2009

Gonna Make This Garden Grow....

Haveil Havalim is up over by Jack's place. Stop by and visit.

As I was saying, I now have two years of gardening under my belt and I've decided it's time to step it up to the next level. My wonderful, amazing, spectacular husband offered to buy didn't have a choice agreed to get me a raised bed from NaturalYards. (Yay for an early birthday present!)

Four boxes arrived less than a week after I placed the order (4 feet by 12 feet by 16 inches these cute little boxes!) - pretty amazing delivery service, don't you think? Excuse the front-porch mess.

Not only did my wonderful husband let me get buy me this great garden, he grumbled helped me put it together! It took both of us to carry those cute but heavy boxes around to the backyard.

(Isn't he cute?)
I was totally impressed by the ease with which this garden went together. No tools needed! Isn't that incredible? And it's all cedar. Amazing. It was like a game of tetris.

And voila, a finished garden. Seriously, less than 20 minutes to put this whole puppy together.
And inspired by my friend over at Juggling Frogs (actually, this is a fascinating post about vermicomposting), I acquired a broken swimming pool from my neighbors. Hopefully it will be a nice bed for strawberries, which is what she uses hers for. My kids will flip if we can actually grow their favorite fruit. We'll see if it works. I dumped all the old garden pots into it (usually I just clean them out, I'm thinking I'll let this dirt mellow over the winter. Does anyone know - will my mint plant revive/grow/return next year?)
And here you have it, all ready for winter...(oh, and some dirt yet to arrive to fill up my garden bed) - my Victory Garden:
I can't wait to continue the updates of my garden.
What kinds of things did you do this weekend? See other people's best shots over at Tracey's spot.


Sarah said...

Your beds look beautiful! I can't wait to see them full of growing things. We got really excited about vermiculture in my house this summer, but it was a disaster. Escapes! Drowning! Drying out! Overfeeding! Starving! We had to stop when we realized we were just killing worms, not making compost.

Jew Wishes said...

Wow, Phyllis! I am inpressed. What a great idea!

Good for you! Good for hubby putting it all together.