Monday, December 21, 2009

Don't Let the Light Go Out

Haveil Havalim is up over at Frume Sarah's place. Go tell her what a nice job she did!

Chanukah comes to its inevitable end.
The lights shone brightly
and filled our hearts and homes.

We have come to banish night,
banish it with candlelight.
May the lights of Chanukah continue to warm us
from within
as we work to banish night all over the world.


Batya said...

thanks, such a gorgeous picture

Jew Wishes said...

What a beautiful photo! I love the reflections!

Anonymous said...

Aw...thanks for the shout-out! I had so much fun prepping it :)

Pesky Settler said...

Beautiful photo. Just so you know, it will be featured in the February JPIX. Blog Carnival sent it to me and I'll be hosting the February JPIX.

Maggie said...

Just gorgeous! An excellent choice for BSM!