Saturday, December 26, 2009

Road trip according to Sam

(AKA musings of a four-year-old on his first car trip longer than 3 hours)

Sam, about 20 minutes into the trip: Mom, you said that Yael and I could watch movies, David could play his DS and you would sit on Dad's lap and help him drive.*

*this is an almost-actual verbatim record of this pre-trip conversation minus the lap-sitting.


Sam, about 2 hours in: if we're going somewhere really long away, we should take a plane instead.


Sam, about 5 hours in: where are we going again?

(And his brother gave him the same answer we would give...a patient re-iteration of our itinerary! And then Yael repeated the question...and David answered AGAIN!!!!)
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Paul Kipnes said...

We took a road trip this summer - mom, dad, 15 and 12 year olds - 20 states in 31 days. A joy this time because:
1. they were older
2. older sister was a camp - fewer to bug each other
3. with 2 computers (one internet everywhere), 1 nintendo on van DVR, DVR, whole series of tv downloaded onto computer, ipods, and a whole cooler full of snacks and drinks, it was like they were just sitting in the den of their own home. (We had to tell them to look up every so often and see the world.)

Jew Wishes said...

LOL, this sounds so familiar, bringing back memories of my children when they were younger.

Now I hear these statements from my grandchildren.