Friday, January 22, 2010

Overheard... (or...What's Been Keeping Me Busy

Yael: I want the Dora underpants.
Me: There aren't any Dora underpants, just choose from what's in the drawer.
Yael: You pick.
Me: Okay (coming over to the drawer)
Yael: Pick this one (points to a specific pair)
When I hand that pair to her she says:
"Good choice, Mom!!"


David got a book club order form. Browsing through it, he announced what he wanted to buy:
There's a thing that helps you learn to make your own money!
Me: Um, are you sure?
David: Yes, I'm sure - look! It says "Learn how to make money!" and then there's a picture of money with a thing that you push a button and it makes money!
Me: Um, Dave, it teaches you how to EARN money and lets you put your money in that thing
David: You mean it's like a piggy bank?
Me: Yes, it looks like that.
David: Well, I'm not spending my money on THAT.


Shabbat Shalom!
Here's a beautiful rendition of Psalm 150 to light up your Shabbat...

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