Sunday, June 13, 2010

Family Photo - Summer Stock Sunday

There are a couple of bloggers out there doing monthly family photos. A great idea, in theory. Getting us all in front of another person with a camera on a monthly basis? Much trickier than it sounds!

So...since I like to play along and support my pal Robin, here's my Summer Stock Sunday for this week. Even though it wasn't taken this week. Oh yeah, and I didn't really take it, my dad took it.

Okay, but with all that said, doesn't it look nice and summery!?
Humor me, people.


Robin said...

It definitely does, and you guys look great too. Thanks so much for playing along :).

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Minnesota Mamaleh said...

aww-- i love it! and you guys all look wonderful and happy! so sweet- and no jammys in the pic! a huge feat some days! :)