Monday, June 28, 2010


Why yes, that is the sound of  
my heart filling up with love and delight....

Time: Early morning but not too early....just right
Me: Yaelie, did you sleep well?
Yael: Yes.
Me: What was your best dream?
Yael: David. We were picking him up at camp.

Time: about 10 minutes later, the next child comes into the kitchen...
(oh, and he gave me a big morning snuggly hug. Sigh...)
Me: Sammy! How did you sleep?
Sam: Good.
Me: What was your best dream?
Sam: Camp.

And make it all even better....this was the status I posted on Facebook before bed, and I woke up to the comment below...
(I took out the name of my colleague who posted this from camp, just to keep her privacy.)

Does it get any better than this!?

I'm a happy ima today.

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