Sunday, July 25, 2010

Not-So-Secret Summer Sundays

Most rabbis I know have a dirty little secret:

We love Sundays in the summer.

Because most of us, for most of the year, have a little thing known as Sunday School. So every Sunday, we're up at the crack of dawn with our enthusiastic smiles on, ready to impart Jewish knowledge and wisdom to the next generation....

But in the summer, we get to experience Sunday mornings. Lazy and delightful.

So today, I made chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes (not together, but separately), drank a cup of (decaf) coffee, read the newspaper, and then we went to a pool party sponsored by my younger kids' day camp. Wonderful!

What is better than popsicles at the pool?

P.S. This is late for Robin's Summer Stock Sunday and early for Tracey's Best Shot Monday.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos of your cute daughter.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos of your cute daughter.

Robin said...

Such sweet (and summery!) photos - Yael's even color-coordinated with her popsicle LOL.

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Jack Steiner said...

Sundays are made for sleeping and lazily lounging around.

Becca said...

This applies to religious school secretaries as well! I have been traveling so much this summer, because I don't have to be at Sunday School! Thankfully we live in a college town so we normally don't start until late September and we get out late May :)