Saturday, December 25, 2010


A first important milestone.

Everyone talks about that "baby smell." Did you just give him a bath? That's a regular question. Actually, he didn't have a bath until this weekend.

Dignity is overrated - he had a full audience:
Bubbie had the honor of the washing. She's the bath expert. He was remarkably calm once he got into the warm water. Reminded him of his past...
And then snuggled up in a towel...

A delicious calm settled over the baby...
Each milestone is still a milestone - no matter how small. First bath is just a part of it, isn't it?


SuperRaizy said...

Just saw on Leora's blog that your baby has arrived. Mazal Tov! He is just beautiful. Enjoy your newest blessing!

Batya said...

Sweet pics.
Was the Bubby really bending down into the big bathtub? In Israel at this stage we use a plastic tub on a high surface. And my daughter has a stand/holder in the tub for Shachar to be placed in, so she doesn't have to hold her all the time. It's very safe and easy to use.