Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gotta Love All God's Creatures...

...at least, my Sammy does. He is totally into bug hunting. In a serious way.

Today he found a grasshopper in the yard.
 It required a lot of re-catching before he could show it to me because it kept hopping out of his little hands. He was giggling so hard about how it felt bouncing around in his cupped palms.

Finally I got to see it, and of course, take a picture (there was NO way this cute little guy was coming into my house, so a picture would have to suffice.)

Then it did one of its now-famous hops over onto my Kindle...(yes, I was reading the newspaper!)

And he provided much amusement for the whole day....he's actually kinda cute...in a bug-sort of way.
It's the simple things, really....

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