Thursday, October 20, 2011

I {heart} 23 Tishrei

The 23rd of Tishri is the day after Simchat Torah. The day after Sukkot ends. The day after the chagim are over for this year. There are no holidays until Thanksgiving.

(There are, in my family, four birthdays coming up in the next eight weeks. But that's a different story. And a different post.)

So it's time for me to return to regular blogging.

Or, just putting up pictures and hoping that you don't notice my lack of posts because of how cute my kids are.

This guy is 10 months old. He now has one little tooth.
Oh, and he can walk. At least 10 steps in a row. The other kids get so darn excited when he does it that he falls down from the delight in their excitement. Eventually everyone will get over it, right?

Check out this handsome devil. These are his "handsome clothes" (his words) that he wore for the holidays...he is doing so well with kindergarten, I'm so impressed. Every day he comes home with a new Spanish word (he's in a dual-language program) and he can count to 40 in Spanish. Plus, he's a total comedian.

My pony-tailed girl-child has a million ideas every day. She wants to keep wearing her flip-flops even though it's really too cold and she refuses to wear a coat. She "reads" books out loud in her own foreign language and she tells stories in the shower. "Character" does not even begin to describe her and she is soaking everything up all around her every day.

Anyone for a haircut? Not this kid, who is so proud of his funky messy hairdo. No amount of bribery seems to be working to get him to contemplate a new look. Good thing he is very handsome even without a comb. He came home from the first week of school with the joyous announcement that fourth graders can take out "as many books as they want" from the school library. (Previous grades, obviously, had a limit.) He is testing this rule as often and as much as possible.
So that's what's going on in our family. How's your post-holiday life going?


Robin said...

You guys raise some pretty adorable kiddos over there :).

Two more days to go on the neverending two week just a month after school started Tishrei vacation over here, but who's counting... (ME! I'm counting, that's who!)

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Debra Kassoff said...

I {heart} 26 Tishrei...finally home after five consecutive weekends of traveling to serve my pulpit in Greenville, MS (usually an every-other weekend affair). We celebrated Simchat Torah a little late, on Friday night, and consecrated three kids for the religious school. I think the last time even one started religious school was...eight years ago! With people driving from up to 90 miles away, I tend to allow for calendrical leniency.

I enjoy your blog. You're one smart hamantaschen. The kids are gorgeous. Would love to catch up sometime.